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At Astra Motion, there are three primary animated video production services we focus on. Depending on your current marketing goal choose what suits you best. If you don’t know what is the right one, just contact us and we’ll research and suggest.

Explainer video

Sell the idea of your product in 60 seconds

Product video

Show your product features and benefits

Video editing

Boost your product awareness with a promo video for social media

Educational video

Educational videos teach the viewer how to do a job, use a product, or perform an action

Medical Animation videos

Created in order to draw the attention of the audience to medical products, services or a clinic

Corporate videos

Created to maintain a business image and present your organization to a target audience

Logo Animation

Logo animation is a relatively new branding and corporate identity tool that is primarily used in company video content

Animated Video for Landing Pages

Videos can visually demonstrate to potential customers the action of a product or service

Mobile App Video

Video immediately gives a large amount of information

Marketing Video Production

Is the easiest content format to digest, the most visual and attention-grabbing

Training video production

Training videos make learning easy

Startup video production

To engage the audience, attract its attention, the sale of goods and services

Social Media Video Production

Increases recognition, brand loyalty, and creates a positive reputation

30 Second video

To attract new customers, create strong brand connections, and spark viewers’ interest in your business

60 Second video

Videos like that are always concise and flavorful due to the limited timeframe

90 Second video

Used for instructional, brand- and service-introduction, service marketing, and product demonstration reasons

Youtube video production

Raising brand awareness, maintain the business-and-client relationship

Whiteboard animation

The ideal way for your business to begin incorporating video into the digital marketing plan is with whiteboard animation

Motion graphics

Make boring content more interesting

2D Animation

Can help build a strong brand

Healthcare Video production

Warn or inform patients about health risks or precautions that have to be taken

Video for fintech

You can demonstrate that your business is an innovator

Video for financial services companies

Make your business stand out among competitor

Video for B2B

Attract more high-quality traffic to your website

Social Media Video Production

Powerful tool for an effective brand advertising strategy

Crypto animation

Crypto video to let a wider audience learn more about your project and achieve better awareness about it

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