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2D Animated Videos

#1 video type when it comes to introducing the product or company, simplify customer journey, increase conversion, and brand awareness.

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Businesses are constantly searching for innovative and engaging methods to increase audience engagement and improve the appeal of their content. You can easily captivate your target audience with 2D animated videos by using eye-catching graphics and a compelling narrative. This way, you will deliver all the information succinctly and interestingly by using a high-quality explainer video.

Astra Motion is prepared to assist you in creating an exceptional and distinctive 2D animated video. We specialize in producing top-notch 2D explainer films with unique visuals, expert animation, and an engaging plot that will win over any audience.

Main benefits of 2D animated videos

The skill of producing the appearance of action in a two-dimensional environment is known as 2D animation. A video produced in this style consists of a series of illustrations with text, characters, backdrops, and special effects. Objects move linearly from point A to point B, creating a simple yet effective and aesthetic animation.

Marketing, promotional, and instructional uses of 2D animated explainer movies are the most common. On websites, mobile applications, and other software products, 2D explainers are oftentimes incorporated into the consumer onboarding process.

A lot of businesses implement 2D animated videos on their homepages or landings to entice visitors to learn more about their offerings and thus boost conversion rates.

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The ability to create smaller movements and work in a two-dimensional environment makes 2D animation more adaptable than other animation types. In the early phases of production, it enables us to make more changes and adapt the animation to your idea.

Due to a simpler plot than other animation methods, 2D animated videos can be created more quickly. Characters and objects make short movements that are simpler to conceive and animate than those produced in a three-dimensional world. We can provide a quicker response time since the production process is simpler, which is a big advantage of this video production technique.

This form of animation is considerably less expensive than stop-motion. Today, among the most affordable and eye-catching alternatives for many organizations is an entertaining yet straightforward 2D animation.

Inside the video production process

2D Animated Videos
2D Animated Videos

We want the production process to be as convenient and thorough for you as possible.

For that, a consultation must be held first. There we get more knowledge about your company and its goods as well as a clearer understanding of the principles you hope to convey via the video and your vision for its use. Fundamentally, we collect as many details as possible to ensure that the message we deliver exactly reflects your company’s image and is on point.

Pre-production is the following step. We set up everything here so that we can begin working on the project. This stage for us entails drafting a script, outlining concepts and visuals, gathering information, and strategizing our future steps. During this stage, you are completely permitted to look into the pre-production stage, so you will be fully informed of what is happening, and we will keep you updated.

Production is the following phase. Astra Motion specialists will provide perfectly coordinated work on the project no matter what style you choose for your 2D animated video and how difficult it might be.

Our animators, video editors, and sound engineers are all involved during the production stage. To ensure that you receive a high-quality video result, we apply effects, animate visual elements that our illustrator had made, and tweak the audio track. We will also record a suitable voiceover if your video calls for one.

Additionally, a significant portion of production involves video editing, in which all of the animated footage is assembled in accordance with the screenplay.

Production often takes around two weeks, depending on the complexity and duration of the finalized video.

Every video, every project, and the rates are all one-of-a-kind. Our estimate is based on how long the project will take our specialists to complete, how many experts will work on it, the type of video and technology it uses, and other factors. Don’t worry; because of how competitive our prices are, they won’t break your marketing budget.

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2D Animated Videos

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