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2D Animation

#1 video type when it comes to introducing the product or company, simplify customer journey, increase conversion, and brand awareness.

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2D animation makes some marketers wince because they don’t want to associate the brand they work on with something associated with cartoons and children. But if you look deeper, you will find that animation can be used differently in styles, not only “cartoony” ones. While humorous or irreverent simplistic animation is frequently in style, it is merely one type of 2D animation in the video.

The Astra Motion team can produce digital videos in a variety of styles and at all different levels of complexity. A beautiful universe and captivating characters might well be created with 2D animation if your brand demands advanced visual quality. They’ll also improve the image of your company. Every degree of intricacy has its proper time and place, and although straightforward animation might simplify your message, there are instances when you just want to go all out and create something breathtaking.

If you’re enthusiastic about creating a distinctive style that matches your message and business, a 2D animated video can be the perfect option for you.

About 2D animated videos

A 2D animation video created just for you can help you build a strong brand. To simplify, this is the practice of producing motion in a two-dimensional environment. Our team works on the narrative, characters, and narration of explainer videos to make your business stand out.

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Dominate your industry, showcase your goods to the audience, and leave the rest to our animation skills. The benefit of 2D animation is that practically anything and everything can be accomplished. On experiencing the impact, post a video to your website or social media. Quality visual effects can accomplish much, from managing digital marketing strategies to effective internal communications.

Working on the 2D animation

2D Animation
2D Animation

A 2D animation production focuses on a few standard steps. It is advised to follow these steps while making any animated video to ensure the production of flawless content.


We understand the procedure at this point while conducting a virtual meeting with you. After gaining a grasp of the demands of your brand or that of your customer, we brainstorm and refine your ideas. All the crucial components necessary to produce a great 2D animation video will be included in this procedure.


We’ll start carrying out the plans at this point. To ensure that this animated video achieves its purpose and objective, we’ll keep on communicating with you. At this stage, our screenwriter creates a storyboard and characters to summarize the narrative — all of these will soon be turned into a detailed script. All the while, our illustrator visualized characters and the environment.

Animation creation

The process of creating the animations for the video is the toughest and most continuous component of the entire process. In this segment, our motion designer will implement backdrops, designs, soundtracks, put together frames, and other design elements to produce original animation.


To make the video more understandable, our video editor will pull the footage together according to the script. Next, if necessary, we will put a voice-over and add different effects.

Benefits of using 2D animation

So, why might your business need 2D animation?

  1. Create viral content. A good video can hardly go unnoticed. By posting a relevant and eye-catching video, you will most certainly attract hundreds or thousands of viewers that will also share it with their friends. This way, even more people will learn about your business.
  2. Enhance your digital marketing strategy. Videos have been shown to be times more successful in marketing and advertising initiatives than text content and static images. Besides, you can advertise through videos on any platform ‒ YouTube, social media, and your website included.
  3. Improve engagement. A catchy video will awaken emotions in people, drawing an immediate response. Generally, videos get significantly higher engagement than static content like photos and text posts.
  4. Get a better audience reach. For the very same reasons, as more people see and share your video, more people even outside your target audience will create positive associations with your company.

And as for price, you won’t find any hidden costs while working with us ‒ we offer honest and competitive prices for our job that will most certainly fit into your marketing budget.

2D Animation

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2D Animation

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Our vast experience in the field makes Astra Motion your trusted marketing partner.

Our team is a network of skilled screenwriters, illustrators, motion designers, animators, and sound engineers that collaborate to produce a video that is pitch-perfect and aids in the success of your business.

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