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#1 video type when it comes to introducing the product or company, simplify customer journey, increase conversion, and brand awareness.

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Have you ever wanted to grab the customer’s attention and pique their interest in your brand at the speed of light? A 30-second explanation video is a superb approach in such a case. Astra Motion is a production studio for animated videos with about ten years of experience working with start-ups and well-known companies in the USA and other countries.

We have a skilled staff that can make your 30-second explainer video idea come to life regardless of the concept’s difficulty.

The many benefits of 30-second explainer videos

When you need to convey a precise message online in the smallest amount of time, 30-second explainer films are particularly helpful. They are useful when your business wants to attract new customers, create strong brand connections, and spark viewers’ interest in your business.

Companies typically employ 30-second explanatory videos in their digital advertising on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, and others. This could also be used as a pop-up clip on a website to inform visitors of an approaching sale or important event.

Thirty seconds sound like something way too short ‒ some people even think there’s no way to capture viewers’ attention properly in such a short time period. Actually, the first five seconds matter the most ‒ and if you succeed in attracting the viewer, the next 25 seconds will be highly invested in watching the video until the end.

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Also, using an explainer video that lasts only thirty seconds has a few other benefits:

  • it’s the best way to briefly inform or remind your viewer about something important while creating a strong association with your brand;
  • it’s less expensive than the production of longer videos;
  • this minute and a half will be full of concentrated information and engagement-provoking cues ‒ this is a great opportunity to grow the engagement rate and create more conversions.

As you can see, short but informative explainer videos can be highly efficient tools in your digital marketing arsenal.

Inside our video production process

30 second explainer videos
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The first step is the online meeting we have utilizing your favorite video conference or chat software, such as video chat, Microsoft Teams, or another tool that works for you. There, you can tell us a little about your marketing plan and the idea behind the video. In order to learn more about your business, we also do research on the founding principles of your organization, the advantages of many solutions you provide, and your target market.

You will actively participate in each step of creating your explainer or product video by reviewing the work and adding your suggestions if you have any.

Pre-production tasks include writing a lengthy screenplay, establishing crucial images, and locating technical equipment now that everything is prepared for the next stage.

The crucial events take place throughout the production phase. Motion designers begin animating the images our artists created. All of this is done according to the plot our screenplay writer established — this is how we bring all pieces together for a seamless and detailed video. Depending on the scope and difficulty of the task, this stage can take up to two weeks.

We provide video editing services throughout the post-production phase to ensure the film flows logically and is visually appealing.

The cost to create short videos varies according to how complicated the project is. Each customer and each project is special to us — we offer the best quality of services at the most affordable prices. We have no additional fees or hidden costs, thus, our pricing is pretty competitive. Receive your free price estimate by contacting us right now!

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Astra Motion is a professional studio that creates videos and successful digital marketing strategies. We actively work with customers from the USA and other countries.

In a relevant and condensed video, we can put your ideas into action in the most accurate and creative way possible. This will distinguish your business from the competition and draw in more new clients.

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