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60 Second Video

#1 video type when it comes to introducing the product or company, simplify customer journey, increase conversion, and brand awareness.

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What can you do in 60 seconds?

Now, this is a big question. Business-wise, you can create a short but smart explainer video. These 60 seconds will be more than enough if you’ve already decided on the message you want to deliver through this video.

Astra Motion is your one-stop shop for animated video creation if you want a minute-lasting explainer video for your company. We have been creating top-notch explainer films for businesses in many sectors throughout the years.

The many benefits of 60-second explainer videos

The ideal length for explainer videos is somewhere between 60-second ads and lengthy instructional videos. Videos like that are always concise and flavorful due to the limited timeframe. You just have a single minute to creatively introduce a company and include all the relevant details that might capture the viewer’s attention. There can’t be any unnecessary or distracting elements.

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In contrast to 30-second explainers, which work better in fast-moving advertisements, a 1-minute video effectively and engagingly conveys your offer while providing time to outline the key characteristics and advantages of your goods or services.

A minute might look like a short timeline compared to other explainer videos. However, it can still contain the most necessary information that every customer has to see.

Inside our video production process

60 Second Video

The focus of a 2D animation production is on a few common processes. To guarantee the creation of faultless material, it is essential to adhere to these step-by-step procedures while creating any animated video.


We are aware of the process at this stage as we speak with you virtually. We develop and hone your ideas after understanding the requirements of your company or your client’s requirements. This process will contain all the essential elements required to generate a top-notch 2D animation video.


At this point, we’ll begin carrying out the plans. We’ll remain in touch with you in order to make sure that this animated film satisfies its goal and purpose. At this point, our screenwriter develops a storyboard and character sketches, to sum up the plot; they will soon be transformed into a comprehensive script. Our artist continuously imagined the setting and the people.


The most challenging and prolonged part of the entire process is making the animation footages for the video. Our motion designer will use backgrounds, designs, soundtracks, assembled frames, and other components in this part to create unique animation.


Our video editor will put the footage together per the script to make the film more understandable. Then, if necessary, we will add a voice-over and various effects. Also, if you have any final suggestions for editing, we will change a few things in the video to make sure it really satisfies your business goals and the brand’s tone of voice.

As you can see, the process is not that different from creating other types of animated videos ‒ the only thing that changes is technology and software, but the process remains the same.

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Astra Motion is a group of highly qualified experts that have provided excellent video editing, motion design, and other services linked to video content for a long period of time.

We don’t simply make films; we also put the finest suggestions into practice and help your company get closer to achieving its advertising objectives.

No obstacle is too big for Astra Motion. You may be confident that the movies we create will provide the finest representation of your company’s ideals and the advantages of your products.

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