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#1 video type when it comes to introducing the product or company, simplify customer journey, increase conversion, and brand awareness.

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90 seconds explainer videoThe majority of companies throughout the world are looking for innovative ways to inform clients about the benefits of their goods and services. Nowadays, individuals like learning new things through more creative methods. The effectiveness of how-to articles has decreased. You can deliver all the information quite effectively by using an explainer video.

90-second animated videos are particularly useful for introducing a brand, onboarding new customers, and providing instructive content. Get assistance from Astra Motion, a top animation studio in the USA, to create a 90-second explainer video for your company.

The many benefits of 90-second explainer videos

90 second explainer videosThe average duration of the medium-length explanation videos is around 90 seconds. Typically, this is enough time to discuss a client issue, offer a resolution, and show how your brand, product, or service can successfully address it.

In comparison to even shorter videos, 90-second clips provide you with more script freedom and allow you to go into a little more detail about your product. Because 90 seconds is still a short window of time to convey all the necessary information, you should still be succinct.

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Brief 90-second videos are frequently used for instructional, brand- and service-introduction, service marketing, and product demonstration reasons. Social networking, homepages, landing pages, online ads, and digital platforms for training courses are the most often used platforms for 90-second videos.

Moreover, 90 seconds is just enough to capture and hold attention for a bit without becoming boring. A video that lasts a minute and a half always looks dynamic and refreshing in comparison with longer ads and explainer videos.

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90 second animated explainer video

Astra Motion is a studio that makes videos for truly efficient digital marketing strategies. Without question, the most successful method for that is video content.

We can quickly implement your best ideas and suggestions in a watchable, brief video to enhance your business’s digital marketing strategy. It will distinguish your company from competitors and attract more clients.

Our team is ready for the challenge. Your 90-second video can be done in a few weeks for competitive and reasonable prices without any hidden costs. Just contact us now for a price estimate!

The main services of Astra Motion Price of Animation Videos of Agency Astra Motion
✨ Explainer Video
Price from $2,900
✨ Product Video
Price from $2,900
✨ Video Editing
Price from $1,500
✨ Video For Fintech
Price from $2,900
✨ Animated Video for Landing Pages
Price from $1,800
✨ Startup Video Production
Price from $2,900
✨ 90 Seconds Video
Price from $3,900
✨ 60 Second Video
Price from $2,900

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