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Animated Video for Landing Pages

#1 video type when it comes to introducing the product or company, simplify customer journey, increase conversion, and brand awareness.

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Have you developed a Landing Page, invested money, but there is no result? Expectations do not bring the desired – is this situation familiar to you? One of the reasons could be that your Landing Page does not have a video or it is not performing well. If your company doesn’t have an animated commercial yet, then it’s definitely time to change the approach to promotion and talk about your products/services in a new way. Let’s produce the video together!

What is an Animated Video for Landing Pages?

Animated commercials for business are a kind of video content, during the creation of which there are elements of the animation series, the so-called motion design, based on a selection of graphic images. Animation is created using special video design programs/applications that allow you to “revive” the drawn objects reflected in the video.

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A truly high-quality, well-thought-out and created to the highest standard video has a number of advantages, against which many existing methods of lead generation pale in comparison.

Animated Video for Landing Pages

animated video for landing pages
animation video for landing pages

You probably noticed that when you land on a Landing Page with a spectacular and juicy or information-rich video, even if you were not interested in the product or service promoted in it, you are no longer in a hurry to leave the page and try to learn more about the subject from the video. You would hardly have lingered in such a situation on the site if its authors used only text and a few illustrations. High-quality video increases the degree of trust in the site and its content, entertains users, again influencing emotional points. If the video was useful and interesting to visitors, they will share it and bring new customers to you.

Every year modern technologies allow you to create more effective promotional animations for the site without ruining the company’s budget. By diluting the usual advertising solutions with informative, emotional and original animated video work, the business becomes closer to the representatives of its target audience, standing out in a competitive environment.

Advertising content offered in an educational and entertaining style is guaranteed not only to attract but also to keep the attention of the viewer, arousing his consumer interest in the promoted product, thereby stimulating sales growth.

Advertising can be represented by a wide range of types of animated videos. For example:

  • animation in the classic version;
  • doodle (whiteboard animation);
  • digital 2D/3D animation;
  • puppet/stop-motion animation (3D animation method);
  • plasticine animation;
  • cut-out animation;
  • sand animation;
  • kinetic typographic animation;
  • paint-on-glass (image of drawings on glass) animation;
  • motion graphic (modeling and graphics) animation.

You can also use the explainer video.

Benefits of an Animated Video for Landing Pages

Let’s talk about why video content is beneficial:

  1. The user will better understand the benefits of the offer.

If you are promoting a complex product to the market, such as a CRM system or a cloud solution, a video Landing Page will allow you to reach and convey more useful information to your target audience in no more than a couple of minutes.

Videos can visually demonstrate to potential customers the action of a product or service, as well as clarify the most important nuances much faster and more efficiently than ordinary text content. In addition, this marketing technique allows you to talk about rather mundane things in a fascinating way and present the benefits of the offer in the most favourable light.

  1. Videos are entertaining and engaging.

Most users still classify videos as entertainment content. And entertainment can attract a fairly large part of the audience. An enthusiastic prospective client is more likely to move down the sales funnel than a bored visitor.

A video clip, like nothing else, is able to successfully fulfil an important mission – to interest potential customers. If you can grab and hold the attention of your target audience, it will be much easier to convert them into real buyers.

  1. The video itself can be an offer.

Most people respond positively to emotional cues, and if your video Landing Page really delivers value to customers and evokes emotion, they will react positively to it. What’s more, if the page does its job and pulls visitors to the top of the funnel, it will force them to rethink brand value. 

Why work with us?

Animated Video for Landing Pages

The animation will allow you to entertain and clearly tell the audience about the specifics of the business, the uniqueness and importance of the product/service. Experienced specialists of the Astra Motion company have been working on the creation of animation products for different countries of the world, including the USA, for several years. We easily transform any complex data, incomprehensible instructions, statistics and technical terms into a captivating, compelling and understandable story. 

Order an effective advertising animation video for your  company and let the video increase the profit of your business!

The main services of Astra Motion Price of Animation Videos of Agency Astra Motion
✨ Explainer Video
Price from $2,900
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✨ Video Editing
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✨ Video For Fintech
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✨ Animated Video for Landing Pages
Price from $1,800
✨ Startup Video Production
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