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#1 video type when it comes to introducing the product or company, simplify customer journey, increase conversion, and brand awareness.

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Today, a corporate film about a company is an integral part of business culture. The reality is that at the very first stage of the development of any organization, regardless of the scope and scale of activity, it is better to create a corporate video. Alternatively, you can shoot a corporate film about your current activities or a presentation video about the release of new products, prepare a video for participation in an exhibition or for presentation to your partners and customers, or record interviews with top officials of the company. The possibilities of modern video production are almost limitless, so it is quite easy to solve any problem and implement a project of any complexity. Order a good video.

Corporate Videos

corporate animated video productionA corporate video is a video about a company created to maintain a business image and present your organization to a target audience. In a corporate film you can visually inform about your work experience, innovations, competitive advantages and plans for the future.

A corporate video conveys to customers and employees the idea and philosophy of the company’s business, forms a positive image and unites the team.

Corporate videos can be for internal (employees) and external viewers (partners, consumers, future employees, a wide audience).

Corporate videos for internal use could be films for employees, board of directors, investors, etc. They are:

  •  HR-films (relationships with clients, suppliers and partners, formation of the company’s image; recruiting and adaptation of personnel, labor protection, training and development of personnel; corporate communications).
  • Video report.
  • Video from a corporate event.
  • Video presentation of the investment project.

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Corporate videos for outdoor use – these are films about the company, its history of formation and development, achievements and plans. These include:

  • promo clips;
  • ads;
  • animated videos for the Internet;
  • video reports.

With the help of video, business solves such problems as:

  • formation of the company’s image, work on brand recognition;
  • demonstration of a product or business project to attract investment;
  • warming up the audience and strengthening brand confidence;
  • enhancing the corporate spirit and motivation of employees;
  • attraction of new employees;
  • other particular tasks.

Corporate videos are suitable for medium and large companies, brands, as well as any business launching new products.

If you have:

  • an MVP of a new product or technology is being prepared,
  • a complex B2B product (equipment, complex service),
  • a developing project that requires the support of investors,
  • necessity to train employees in something new, whether it is corporate culture or values ​​or specific business processes etc.,
  • goal to actively attract new employees to the staff,

this is an occasion to think about creating a corporate video.

A video about a company is usually created with a duration of 3 to 40 minutes – the choice depends on what task the corporate film should solve. Ideally, you should have several videos and films about the company of different duration so that you can show them depending on the occasion: at a meeting with partners, at a presentation, exhibition or conference. The cost of a corporate film depends on the script, after the approval of which the duration and locations of filming, the complexity of dubbing, etc. are finally determined.

You can also order the explainer video

What is corporate video production?

animated corporate video
corporate video company

Before you start shooting a video, you need to set the final goal. For example, to create and maintain the company’s reputation, present a product, increase sales growth or promote a brand image. The ultimate goal is necessary to determine the best direction:

  • film about the company;
  • tour of the production or office;
  • reporting video;
  • history of success;
  • employee interviews;
  • customer reviews;
  • viral video;
  • video from the event;
  • ads.

What should you pay attention to when shooting a corporate video?


Creating a script will simplify the task and allow you to fully take into account all the nuances of the upcoming shooting and subsequent work with the video sequence to create a high-quality and thoughtful content.


A corporate video should be aimed at a category of people interested in the company’s services and products.


The duration of the video may vary depending on the direction of the video and the channel of its distribution.


The use of licensed music in the video will eliminate future problems in posting it on Youtube, Facebook, Instagram. Also, a voice-over text read by a professional announcer can significantly improve the video sequence.


2-D animation of video content will attract the attention of the viewer, and infographics will help to make the video more informative.

Benefits of Corporate Videos

There are many advantages of promoting an organization by showing such a film:

  • increasing brand awareness;
  • increase in sales;
  • evidence of one’s own prestige;
  • demonstration of superior qualities over competitors;
  • the possibility of attracting investors;
  • facilitated search for valuable specialists;
  • a chance to save on advertising.

Usage of visual images makes it possible to influence the mood of the viewer, push him to action and create a positive image of the company as a whole. An emotional video will be remembered much more than a “dry” text or a static picture.

Through the use of visual and audio channels of perception, even in a 3-5 minute video, you can show a significant amount of information about the company’s capabilities, its advantages over competitors, and the products or services it offers.

Properly designed and professionally filmed video content helps to form in the minds of viewers the image of a successful and reliable company.

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Corporate Videos

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