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Promotion and marketing are essential in the world of cryptocurrencies and crypto start-ups. Starting from the pre-sale and all the way through offerings and listing, your crypto project needs awareness and an audience to succeed.

This is something animated videos can help you with.

Explaining complicated concepts in a smart but simple way is the best approach to promoting your token or crypto startup ‒ this way, you immediately engage viewers with your vision and ideas.

Digital assets are usually difficult to develop, but when it comes to marketing them, all you need is accessible, high-quality content that comprehensively explains why your project matters.

And this is where Astra Motion will help you succeed.

What is an animated video for crypto?

crypto animationAnimated blockchain videos are basically little clips that vividly explain complex ideas. For brands, we produce these videos to help them connect with their customers, stand out from the competition, and streamline their offerings.

An animated video to promote your crypto project can take different forms:

  1. An explainer video. It is what it says in the title ‒ this kind of video explains your product and business values, promoting them to a wider audience and, essentially, advertising them.
  2. An animated product video. This is the best way to show the highlights of your crypto project. Using simple but comprehensive animation, a simple video will briefly explain the benefits of your startup.
  3. Whiteboard animation. Simple and creative, this format is probably the easiest way to deliver vital information about your crypto project to the audience.

Have a project
in mind?

There are a few other formats as well, which leads to a very logical question ‒ which one to choose?

There’s no simple answer to that, luckily. The blockchain industry has significant space for creativity, so there are no clear standards for how to promote your crypto project. Unleash the creativity in your ideas, and let us implement them in the best way possible!

The making of an animated video for your crypto project

crypto trading animation
crypto animation production

So, what does video production look like in this case?

It all starts with our meeting. We do it in Zoom or any other messenger or video conference program that is convenient for you. During the call, we learn more about your vision of the video and marketing strategy overall. Also, we get to know your project better by asking some important questions about your business values, the benefits of the product, and the target audience.

Throughout every stage of making your crypto video, you will be an active participant ‒ if you want, you can peek inside the process and ask any questions. We’ll love to hear more from you and adjust the workflow to create a perfect video product.

The next step is pre-production. Pre-production involves creating a thorough script for the video, drafting the main illustrations and gathering technical tools to make sure everything is ready for the production stage.

The production stage is where all the most important things happen. Using the script our screenwriter created and the graphics our illustrators made, motion designers start animating everything and pulling it together for a smooth and comprehensive video. This stage can take around two weeks depending on the length, format, and difficulty.

The post-production stage includes video editing services, where we ensure the video’s structure is logical and the product looks good overall. We also add necessary visual and audio effects along with voice-over, if needed.

As a result, you will be presented with a high-quality animated video about your crypto project, completed within the deadline.

Benefits and price of crypto video production

So, what would your crypto startup or existing project need an animated video for its marketing campaign?

  1. During the presale, you can use an animated explainer video to explain your project and its values in the most efficient way possible. By putting it onto your project’s landing page, you’ll be sure that everyone who’ll want to evaluate your startup will become interested in investing in your coin or token during the presale.
  2. During the initial offering stage, you can use crypto video to let a wider audience learn more about your project and achieve better awareness about it. After all, the initial offering stage is your fast track to the listing!
  3. When your token is listed, the marketing doesn’t stop. In fact, you’ll have to proceed with promotion to create a market around your token and add to its value. Animated videos will be an excellent tool to achieve this objective.

The costs for these services, though, are highly individual ‒ it all depends on the workload, the length of the video, its type, and the number of specialists we will gather to work on the project. All we certainly know is that you won’t be charged extra ‒ our prices are very reasonable.

In fact, contact us now to get your first price estimate for a cryptocurrency project video.

Start promoting your crypto project with us!

Astra Motion is a motion design and animated video production agency that helps clients from the USA and all over the globe reach wider audiences with captivating and original videos.

Our previous cooperation with cryptocurrency startups adds to our experience in the field, making us your trusted marketing partner.

No matter how niche your blockchain startup is, we will make sure more people get invested in it.

Our team is a family of professional screenwriters, illustrators, motion designers, animators and sound engineers that work in sync toward one goal ‒ to create a pitch-perfect video that helps your business grow.

Contact us now to learn more about the services we offer and order your first price estimate!

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