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#1 video type when it comes to introducing the product or company, simplify customer journey, increase conversion, and brand awareness.

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Videos and animations are one of the most effective formats for capturing the attention of a wide audience. Visual information is easier to digest than text, and the level of viewer engagement is noticeably higher. In addition, videos give brands access to video platforms like YouTube and Vimeo, which are visited by millions of users every day. A training video is an effective way not only to tell, but also to show information. After all, it is not in vain that they say: “it is better to see once than to hear a hundred times.” Order a video here.

What is an Educational Video?

Educational videos teach the viewer how to do a job, use a product, or perform an action. Like sales videos, instructional videos provide clear information for beginners.

The animated video is essentially an instruction. Organizations often use video content or e-learning materials to train new employees or familiarize existing employees with new rules or practices.

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Educational videos

educational video companyShooting educational films is very relevant, because they can be used as a means of training employees at the enterprise. This process can be very efficient as it does not require additional costs and does not have to hire a separate person. Educational films use interesting and up-to-date information, the effective use of which will have a positive impact on the future development of your company. It does not take much time to create such a film, and the information stored on it can be used at any time.

You can make a learning video in several ways:

  • videos aimed at increasing sales efficiency;
  • creating video tutorials for employees of a firm or company, as well as for clients, customers and potential buyers;
  • introductory videos, briefings designed for the introduction of new employees;
  • educational interactive video courses;
  • training video for distribution on social networks.

Tasks and goals of educational films:

  1. Demonstration. The main task of educational films is to help the company to present its new product to a potential client. In such training materials, you can learn in detail about the principle of operation of the product and how to use it. The production of an educational film provides the performance of a guest actor, the use of off-screen speech, subtitles and other components that will facilitate the perception of new information. Producing a training video is similar to creating promotional videos. In order to have an idea about the advertised product, the actors try the new product during the filming. And then the manufacturer himself tells all the nuances of using this product.
  2. Training. The educational video will help you easily train new employees and those who wish to improve their skills and expand their knowledge. In this case, your company will save its money and time on staff training in specialized training centers. Your employees will be able to study the video materials in detail at their workplaces individually or you can arrange a group viewing of the video. Best of all, if a leader is involved in such a video, this will serve as an additional motivation for your employees. Such films are indispensable assistants during the educational process. With their application, learning becomes the most accessible and effective, since the visual perception of information is much more productive than text on a piece of paper.

The cost of a learning video depends on the duration, format and features of creating a video, as well as other factors. 

 Also you can order the explainer video

Benefits of educational animated videos

cost of educational video production

The main advantages of the training video are:

  • saving time and money on staff training;
  • unobtrusive advertising of the company or its services;
  • coordination of work of branches;
  • maintaining the company’s reputation;
  • formation of a way of thinking for the whole market;
  • introduction to the course of affairs of newly hired employees;
  • focusing the attention of the audience to which this product is intended;
  • short (detailed) briefings on how to use the product;
  • training of employees working in the regions, etc.

You can evaluate all the benefits after watching the first animated video. 

Why work with us?

educational animated video

One of the directions of the Astra Motion studio is shooting educational videos. By ordering videos from our specialists, you will save time and money. Our professionals will advise you on any issues and create an educational film in the shortest possible time. In our work, we use high-quality and professional video and photo equipment, which will ultimately allow us to get a quality product. A well-produced video will help you to increase the effectiveness of your training and significantly reduce your costs.

During our active work, we managed to shoot a significant number of different training videos for several industries. We do our best to ensure that the information contained in them is assimilated by the learning “spectators” quickly and helps to improve not only their knowledge but also their professional skills.

When shooting videos, we initially think through the stages of editing in such a way that the video clips of the training course fully reveal the topics necessary for the customer and lay out even large amounts of information “on the shelves”.

We strictly adhere to the requirements and standards of our clients and shoot interactive video courses that really have an impact on knowledge and skills, and provide an economic benefit to the customer.

The production of an educational film on the topic you need is a perfect idea. As an example – videos that teach sales are performed by experienced specialists with specialized education and a full set of the most modern equipment.

Our team lives and works in Kyiv, Ukraine, but we successfully cooperate with many companies from all over the world, especially from the USA. The price of our services is acceptable, and the quality can pleasantly surprise any client. Order the video editing

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