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#1 video type when it comes to introducing the product or company, simplify customer journey, increase conversion, and brand awareness.

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Long story short, an explainer video “explains” what you do quickly and efficiently to anyone. It is widely acknowledged that video is the future of marketing. Hence you should consider investing in a video to market what you want to offer.

Here’s a fun fact: Video sharing is done 1200% more times than words and links (Orion 21). Having a video on your website increases the likelihood of your landing page appearing on the first page of Google by 53% (Mist Media).

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Explainer videos simplify the customer journey while giving your business more conversions and better brand awareness. Also, when you introduce your customers and target audience to valuable tips and insights related to your product, you grow a stronger connection with your customer base.

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Explore the benefits of explainer videos

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Animation makes everything better! Instead of processing long text paragraphs and spending more time on them, your customers and site visitors will enjoy a short, insightful video that holds their attention.

Explainer videos are great for explaining your product and its unique benefits. It’s the best way to promote your product and grow a customer base. Also, you can use an explainer video format to educate your audience on a particular subject. Video format, in general, is more effective in learning than text materials ‒ mainly because animation can simplify even the most complex topics that not everyone will understand on the first try.

You can also increase your product sales via explainer videos ‒ they create good conversions compared to other types of promotional content. When people truly understand your product, they find it valuable and, eventually, buy it.

Another benefit of explainer videos ‒ they are effective at any stage of the customer’s journey. If your potential customer only starts to dive deeper into the subject, your explainer video can offer both knowledge and a solution. If they’re already browsing for a better choice, video content will help you gain their trust and motivate them to purchase your product. Both new and existing customers can efficiently get invested if your explainer video offers some good insights and showcases the best product features.

Inside the production process

We will first talk with you to fully comprehend your company’s values, audience, and product. This is the point at which our team will establish a precise goal for the finished video. We will discuss the budget and set a schedule and objectives to ensure we have enough resources to produce high-quality video content. Then, we create the script blueprint and establish narration milestones that effectively convey the message. From this point, our screenwriters and motion designers start working together on the project. The screenplay team will create simple, compelling storytelling that keeps the audience focused from the beginning to the end of the video. Our illustrators will be working on the visuals during that time, creating every vital piece of graphic content.
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The Astra Motion animation crew completes the final visual production by animating graphics for the screenplay. Finally, the narration voiceover is the last stage of production.

After quality control to ensure everything was done correctly and according to the plan, we will provide you with the finished video.

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Explainer Video
Quality is always the top priority at Astra Motion. We are invested in making high-quality explainer videos for your business ‒ we grow with you! Astra Motion provides compelling explainer videos with stylish 2D animation for businesses of any scale. Both big enterprises and small startups in Blockchain, EdTech, pharmaceutics, and other industries can partner with us. We ensure your product or project is presented to potential, new and existing customers in the most appealing way possible.
The main services of Astra Motion Price of Animation Videos of Agency Astra Motion
✨ Explainer Video
Price from $2,900
✨ Product Video
Price from $2,900
✨ Video Editing
Price from $1,500
✨ Video For Fintech
Price from $2,900
✨ Animated Video for Landing Pages
Price from $1,800
✨ Startup Video Production
Price from $2,900
✨ 90 Seconds Video
Price from $3,900
✨ 60 Second Video
Price from $2,900

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