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Logo animation is becoming more and more common. Between smartphones and the general development of internet technology, logos are now much more common in digital spaces, and this opens the door to visual effects such as animation that are not possible with physical products. Of course, the growing popularity of logo animation means that more and more brands will need it to stay competitive. It also applies to videos.

What is a Logo Animation?

Logo animation is a relatively new branding and corporate identity tool that is primarily used in company video content. As video becomes an increasingly ubiquitous form of content, animated logos are becoming more common these days.

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Logo animation is the act of bringing an image to life using of a specialized video editor. Without skills, you are unlikely to be able to make an animation for a logo on your own, so it is better to order it from professionals.

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Most companies have a classic static logo – the “face” of the brand. Nowadays, the trend is animation. With its help new life is breathed into the logos and letters, numbers, signs and other elements. It helps to catch and hold the viewer’s attention at first sight, to arouse additional interest, and to be better remembered.

Today, any brand from micro to large businesses that creates media content should have such a tool. If a company enters the online and/or media space (TV, YouTube, Tik-Tok, any social networks), an animated logo becomes a necessity.

The first impression still plays an important role in the presentation of anything, so leaving the logo in a static state means boring the audience while your competitors captivate them!

Initially, the creation of animated logos was popular among the direct producers of content – film studios, video productions, creative teams, etc. But today every company becomes a media outlet to break through the advertising noise, the high efficiency of the tool has also been appreciated by businesses.

8 interesting uses for an animated logo:

  1. Add it to the top of your corporate video.
  2. Put it at the end of the video.
  3. Draw attention to the brand at the show.
  4. Use an animated logo in your e-signature.
  5. Add it to a classic presentation.
  6. Use it on social networks.
  7. Place an animated logo on your own site.
  8. Bring your banner ad to life with animation.

An animated logo will help you stand out and make your brand unique. Order it in our company. You can also shoot the explainer video

Benefits of a Logo Animation

logo animation videoLogo animation will help your brand:

  1. Create the correct first impression.

Professional logo animation will help you to create a strong first impression of your brand. With an animated logo, you will be able to capture the attention of the audience from the first seconds and to interest them so that they continue to watch the video. Use the platform’s ready-made templates to create your own video logo.

  1. Increase brand awareness.

An animated logo is key to creating a strong brand image. Such animation does a great job of conveying the corporate identity of the brand and can become the hallmark of your company or YouTube channel. By creating a spectacular logo animation with our online animation software, you can connect with your audience.

  1. Give your brand a professional look.

By adding a logo animation to your channel, presentation or website, you will give it a professional look. Your content will look modern and stylish with such animation. The platform’s templates and tools will allow you to create high-quality animation, which will show your commitment to high quality.

  1. Improve your site’s SEO.

Google prefers dynamic content, and pages with moving graphics attract an audience faster.

The price of video production is different – it depends on many factors.

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Logo Animation

An animated logo is an extremely effective advertising tool. It creates an image of a progressive brand, expands the possibilities of storytelling and evokes pleasant emotions of the audience.

Our company Astra Motion will help you to develop a high-quality logo in different countries, also in the USA. The cost depends on the complexity of the order.

Our advantages:

  1. Great experience.
  2. Professional equipment.
  3. Experienced team of specialists.
  4. Wide range of services.
  5. Excellent design.

Order an animated logo from us and experience the advantages of our company personally!

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