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Marketing Video Production

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After a smartphone became a main screen for a person, many types of promotion have appeared. They are united by the concept of digital marketing. One of them is video marketing. Among all the variety of content, video has its own uniqueness and peculiarity. According to research, online video viewing is constantly growing. In 2022, on average, each Internet user spent 18 hours a week watching various types of video content. Moreover, people are likely to share videos with their friends. That is why now video editing is so popular.

Marketing Video Production

Video marketing is the easiest content format to digest, the most visual and attention-grabbing. For these reasons, most popular Internet websites and media platforms give priority to video content. So, for example, Google gives a higher position in the ranking of pages in which an animated video is embedded. All the main and most popular social networks are also more willing to show to users posts with videos compared to other formats, thereby increasing the reach of such posts.

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Like any new profession of our time, video marketing is at the intersection of two professional competencies: directing and marketing. The first one is related to the creation of video – scenario development, plot construction, filming, processing and editing of video material. The second competency is related to video hosting platforms. Video marketing is the tool that makes all of the above easy and convenient for the perception of the target audience of consumers.

Video Marketing Services

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Analysts estimate that 86% of the companies surveyed use video in their marketing campaigns. The numbers change from year to year, but the constant growth in popularity remains unchanged. This trend becomes most noticeable when compared with similar indicators.

The most popular format is video tutorials. 73% of respondents talk about their products in videos and show how to use them. 67% post videos on social media, half of those surveyed make video presentations, and only 41% use video marketing to advertise.

93% of marketers consider video to be an important part of a marketing campaign and this number is also constantly growing. Specialists become more confident in the chosen format.

Video Marketing for Business

Video marketing attracts business for the same reason that television advertising does. Today, content in general plays an important role in promoting brands. Video content also offers a rich selection of genres. It includes styles such as proposal presentation, review, instruction, explanation, practical advice, interview, testimonial, corporate video. All this indicates that video has ample opportunity to increase the marketing impact on consumers. 

Video marketing is needed for:

  • entrepreneurs;
  • marketers;
  • YouTube channel owners;
  • bloggers, video bloggers;
  • SEO specialists and SMM managers;
  • everyone who wants to make money on YouTube.

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Marketing Video Styles

Video materials today are divided into many types. These can be video posts and stories on social networks, 360° videos, live videos, animations, documentaries, and so on. Below, you will get acquainted with the main types of video marketing, which are classified based on the goals of the material and content. For video marketing in business, the following videos are used:
  1. Video reviews. It helps build trust in a brand and its products through social proof. In order to increase and reach new target audiences, companies often interact with influencers. They provide their products and services in exchange for a video review on TikTok, YouTube, Instagram Stories and other platforms.
  2. Interviews with experts. It helps in promoting the company on the market, building and strengthening its reputation, and increasing awareness. Video interviews with experts are used to gain the trust of potential customers and attract attention.
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  1. Educational videos. It is material that tells you how to use the brand’s product. Educational videos help increase the loyalty of existing customers and potential buyers. They help strengthen relationships and increase retention.
  2. Promotional videos. These are materials that are used to promote the company and its products, attract new customers, increase awareness and sales.
  3. Brand video. It is material that tells about the mission of the brand, its vision, values, and advantages. Such videos are often used in advertising campaigns to promote, increase competitiveness, and attract the target audience.
  4. Demo. These are materials that demonstrate a company’s new or existing product to the target audience. They tell you how to use it correctly and what advantages it has.
  5. Event video. It tells the target audience about the events the company organizes or participates in. It can be a concert, conference, summit, festival and so on. Event video is used for advertising purposes, to attract an audience, create an informational occasion, and increase awareness.

It is advisable to use different types of video content – this will increase the involvement of the audience.

Digital Marketing Video Production Strategy

market research video productionThe process of introducing video marketing into your business is built around 4 simple steps.

  1. First, a goal is formed. Why creating an animated video? Usually, it is about attracting an audience and increasing sales. Set a clear value to be overcome. For example, we are recording a demo video to increase the traffic flow on the site by 10%. Or we write a training video to reduce the number of repetitive questions on the forums and in technical support.
  2. Study the target audience. Don’t they understand the features of the product? Start with tutorial videos. Looking for new users? Make a cool demo. People don’t trust you and they need feedback? Look at the priorities of users and focus on them. Take into account where it is more convenient for people to watch your videos. Someone is comfortable on YouTube, someone watches you only on Instagram. Post videos on social networks and channels where the most potential buyers are concentrated (better everywhere at once).
  3. Clearly select the people who will work on the video. Connect employees when needed. Participate yourself if the idea requires it, etc. Engage professionals.
  4. No matter how high-quality the content is, it needs to be promoted. For this, additional time and resources will have to be spent. Otherwise, no one will see it and the resources spent on video production may not reach their full potential. Engage in the promotion of not only the brand, but also the content produced.

After the release of each video, carefully analyze the situation. How have the scores changed? What did people like, what didn’t they like? Pay attention to details, so you don’t make the same mistakes in the future. And always work with dissatisfied users.

The price of video production is different – it depends on many factors.

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Marketing Video Production

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