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Medical Animation Videos

#1 video type when it comes to introducing the product or company, simplify customer journey, increase conversion, and brand awareness.

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Animated storytelling is the most effective way to convey information to a modern viewer. 90% of the data our brain processes in the first place is visual images. Without visual illustrations, even the brightest idea can drown in a sea of ​​words. Medical animation helps to easily and simply tell about medical products, services or institutions. That is why video is so popular.

Medical Animation Videos

Medical videos are a type of commercials that are created in order to draw the attention of the audience to medical products, services or a clinic. They differ from other promotional videos in that:

  • require a special approach to the content of the video and a thorough check of the displayed information;
  • have a number of restrictions provided by law;
  • need professional 3D graphics more than most commercials.

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Medical 2D and 3D animation help to demonstrate processes at the molecular or organ level, illustrate the design of medical devices and study the unique properties of the active substance in the patient’s body, as well as understand other complex issues.

Healthcare Video Marketing

animation video for medical
video for medical

How exactly can you break through the chaos of the modern market and capture the attention of people who receive up to 5 thousand advertising offers daily? Through the creation of easily perceived and interesting content. In other words, you can achieve this with scientifically accurate animated videos that will provide a much higher result when interacting with your target audience (doctors, scientists, patients) than any other promotional product.

You can make videos like this:

  1. Advertising of a clinic.
  2. Advertising of services.
  3. Advertising of medical equipment.
  4. Advertising drugs.
  5. Educational medical video.
  6. Social video.

Medical videos are an integral part of social advertising. They help promote a healthy lifestyle, raise money for charitable causes, disseminate important information about health hazards and how to avoid them, and so on.

You can also use the explainer video.

Healthcare Explainer Videos Benefits

Why does science-based medical animation have such a high conversion rate? Here are 11 answers to your question.

  • These videos are very entertaining.

Scientifically accurate animated videos grab the viewer from the first seconds, and they want to watch until the very end, which, of course, increases the effectiveness of your advertising message.

  • They not only inform but educate.

More and more healthcare workers want to see not just informational, but also educational content. With science-based medical-themed animations, you’ll get a powerful boost to market your products.

animation video for medical production
  • Animated videos get your message across faster.

Just imagine how easily you can get your message across to today’s easily distracted audience with a short, concise, fast-paced, engaging scientifically accurate animated video.

  • Videos give insight into complex things.

Using medical animation videos, you can easily convey abstract or difficult topics to your audience. As your audience’s understanding of the subject grows, so will grow your conversion.

  • Such video don’t look like commercials.

Customers lose interest in a message as soon as they realize it’s just another ad. Because animated videos are really fun to watch, they’re a great way to discreetly promote your product without causing rejection and irritation of a potential customer.

  • Videos are willingly shared with colleagues.

Another online study found that 97% of physicians would be willing to share high-quality promotional videos with colleagues. Animated video materials are interesting to the viewer because of their scientific value, and they are happy to share them with friends.

  • This is the best science storytelling ever.

Everyone likes a good story, and there’s no better way to tell a great story than a medical video. It is enough to look once at a scientist watching a video that reflects the whole essence of his scientific work.

  • Medical animated videos are incredibly exciting.

Medical animation is a breathtaking sight. It is much more interesting to watch how antibodies fill the bloodstream, how a virus or active substance appears out of nowhere, how the cellular NaK channel works, instead of reading a pile of dull advertising texts. Simply put, watching such videos is never boring.

  • Videos improve Google rankings.

Everyone knows that getting on the first page of Google search results is not easy. But did you know that video content sites are much more likely to rank on the first page of search results? Using videos increases your chances of reaching your desired position in the search results.

  • Animated videos reduce help desk calls.

Nothing is as depressing (or as time consuming) as the huge list of support tickets that starts every morning. Lucky for you, videos are a great way to answer the most common customer questions while minimizing the need to contact customer support.

  • Medical animation videos are catchy.

Did you know that only 10% of people are able to remember in detail a text that they read half an hour or an hour ago? At the same time, viewers are able to remember up to 95% of what they saw in the video. That’s why using medical animation videos is a great way to be remembered by potential clients, doctors, investors, researchers and students, which is extremely important since most people need to turn their attention to a certain product several times before making a purchase.

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Medical Animation Videos

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