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Motion Graphics

#1 video type when it comes to introducing the product or company, simplify customer journey, increase conversion, and brand awareness.

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There was a time when creating PowerPoint presentations was the best and most sophisticated way to introduce useful data and deliver important messages. Nowadays, however, there is no need to spend hours in front of PowerPoint as you can delegate the task of creating perfectly comprehensive infographics to our motion design team.

The Astra Motion team has years of experience in producing high-quality motion graphics videos for businesses in nearly every industry. Whether for internal use within the company, for clients, or for business partners, your video produced by us will be relevant and pleasing to watch until the very end

Everything about motion graphics animation

To accomplish a purpose or convey a story, motion graphics entails producing visuals and changing their positions on the screen. In order to give the impression of motion, the motion graphic components are arranged in a series of frames. In contrast to other types of animation, animated motion graphics primarily use visuals and typography. Imagine a series of very nice and understandable graphs — in this case, they will be animated to provide statistical data in the simplest way possible.

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The movement of characters and images in action videos is called animation, a larger concept. For successful storytelling and communication, explainer videos using motion graphics and animation are utilized in various sectors.

Working on the motion graphics video

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Everything starts with the meeting we conduct online using your preferred video conference or chat programs, such as Skype, Microsoft Teams, or anything else convenient for you. This is where we learn more about your marketing strategy and your concept for the video. We also research your company’s core values, the benefits of the solutions you offer, and your target audience to understand more about your enterprise.

Every step of making your motion graphics video will involve your active participation.

Now that everything is set up for the following step, pre-production activities include creating a lengthy screenplay, outlining essential visuals, and sourcing technical equipment.

The most important things happen during the production stage. In order to bring everything together for a smooth and thorough film, motion designers start animating the visuals our artists developed in accordance with the story our script writer prepared. This might take two weeks, depending on the scale and complexity of the work performed.

In the post-production stage, we provide video editing services to make sure the footage has a logical flow and is visually pleasing overall.

The price for creating motion graphics videos depends on the complexity of the project ‒ every client and every project is unique and precious to us. Our prices are quite competitive ‒ no hidden costs or extra fees. Contact us now to get your free price estimate.

Benefits of using animated motion graphics

Let’s explore the benefits of motion graphics for social media management and content promotion.
  1. Motion graphics make boring content more interesting. The current overly digital era contains way too much content for most people to lack what to watch. So, if you offer content that the audience considers boring, a more interesting thing is just a click away. You, therefore, need to make sure that individuals in your target market perk up when they come across your content. Using motion graphics is a great way to do that.
  2. Motion graphics create and increase brand awareness. In a saturated market, having a strong brand identity increases the slice of market share in your business’s favor. If potential customers are aware of your brand, they are more likely to proceed through to the last stage of the sales funnel. With conventional video production, you can craft an identity. However, the overhead attached to producing live-action content that fully incorporates your brand’s voice and ethos can run up to where it’s not profitable anymore.
motion graphic animations
  1. Motion graphics make your content more engaging. This video animation content lends itself well to social media. Motion graphic videos are short and get straight to the point. Add that to the fact that they are visually appealing and you have a recipe for success on social media platforms. Shareability also taps into another prominent aspect of video marketing – mobile.
  2. Motion graphics are efficient and cost-effective. As we have alluded to before, motion graphics package complex information and present it in a form that ordinary members of your target market can easily understand. This cuts out the expense of having to get someone to explain something that a few graphics can easily illustrate. Moreover, motion graphics cut down costs considerably. All the work can be done on a computer with the help of motion graphics software like After Effects. It also consumes less time to complete.
As you can see, there are many ways you can use motion graphics videos to promote your brand and create a successful social media marketing strategy.

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Astra Motion is a studio that produces videos and develops effective digital marketing solutions. No doubt, video content is the most effective technique for that.

We can swiftly put your suggestions into action in a digestible, concise video. This will make your brand stand out from rivals and draw in more customers.

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