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A beautiful way to show off your product everywhere. Design, interface, features, and how does it work, that what your users want to see

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A Product Video explains what your “product” does quickly and efficiently to anyone. It is widely acknowledged that video is the future of marketing. Hence you should consider investing in a video to market what you want to offer.

Here’s a fun fact: Video sharing is done 1200% more times than words and links (Orion 21). Having a video on your website increases the likelihood of your landing page appearing on the first page of Google by 53% (Mist Media).

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When you have to introduce a new product, the best way to do it is visualization. A good product video will let people know your product better and in less time than a long technical description. 2D animation is great for showcasing the best features of your business. Show off your product in the most effective way!

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What is a product video?

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Product videos are the best way to educate your target audience and customers on how your product works. This type of video demonstrates your product and company, highlighting the best features you can offer.

No matter how complex the subject is, a product video can straightforwardly deliver a clear message ‒ through animation and infographics. Product videos are widely used for educational, corporate, and marketing purposes, perfectly providing the main point of your product or company to the viewer.

Compared with classic presentations and text articles, product videos illustrate the product’s main features in an effortless and attention-holding way that everyone can understand.

Also, this content is perfect for corporate use. Instead of making your employees go through complicated texts and instructions, you can introduce new technologies and instructions more conveniently ‒ via a short animated video.

The many benefits of product video

Product videos optimize the customer’s journey in many ways.
  1. You can advertise your product, showcasing its best features in the product video. Every marketing specialist knows video content is more engaging and attention-drawing than static images and text. You can use it to explain your product in the most effective way possible without wasting the viewer’s time.
  2. Get a better customer experience from the first second. The first 5 seconds are the most important for drawing attention. If you get your customer invested from the first glance, you can effectively boost your sales and answer most common customers’ questions even before they ask them.
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  1. Explain difficult things in simple language. Using animated infographics and many visual tools motion design offers, you can drive your main point home faster and more conveniently. Moreover, your viewers will feel more educated, which can also be a powerful stimulus to purchase your product.
Your product video can build a bridge between your audience and your product line. It’s also a great way to express your company values and highlight the best and unique features you can offer your customers.

Inside our video production process

Product Video

So, what is the path from an idea to a complete video available for everyone?

First, we will hold a meeting with you to understand your business values, target audience, and product. This is where our team will set a clear objective for a final video product. Also, we will discuss the budget and set timelines and milestones to ensure we have enough resources to make a high-quality video product.

Next, we draw the script blueprint ‒ anchor narration milestones that will deliver the point most efficiently. This step allows our screenwriters and motion designers to begin their work in sync. The screenwriting team will write straightforward, engaging storytelling that will hold the viewer’s attention from the first to the last second of the video. In the meantime, our designers will prepare the graphics ‒ every icon, font, and image.

After this step, the Astra Motion animation team finalizes the visual part, animating graphic content according to the script. The final production step includes a voiceover of the narration. And just like that, your product video is ready.

We will do quality assurance to ensure everything is done right and then do a final video product presentation. If you have any suggestions to polish the video, we will do it to make sure the content fits your view.

Why choose us?

Astra Motion team is a tightly-knit family of professional screenwriters, illustrators, marketing specialists, and motion graphics designers. We take pride in making high-quality 2D animation content for enterprises and startups, regardless of size. 

You can expect us to create a compelling and comprehensive product video for your company that will highlight the best features of your product. We offer affordable pricing for our clients and are ready to partner with USA-based companies and businesses worldwide.

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The main services of Astra Motion Price of Animation Videos of Agency Astra Motion
✨ Explainer Video
Price from $2,900
✨ Product Video
Price from $2,900
✨ Video Editing
Price from $1,500
✨ Video For Fintech
Price from $2,900
✨ Animated Video for Landing Pages
Price from $1,800
✨ Startup Video Production
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✨ 90 Seconds Video
Price from $3,900
✨ 60 Second Video
Price from $2,900

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