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Social Media Video Production

#1 video type when it comes to introducing the product or company, simplify customer journey, increase conversion, and brand awareness.

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Running an effective social media video marketing campaign is one of the best ways to promote your company, attract customers and convert more leads. Social media video formats quickly become a valuable tool for increasing brand engagement, building community, and telling your brand’s story. Order an excellent video here.

What is a Social Media Video Production?

Video content is a powerful tool for an effective brand advertising strategy. Today, companies are actively using video for promotion on social networks, so it is very important to understand the right characteristics in order to release quality content.

Video for social networks is a short story that can convey information to the audience in a little time. Since there is a video length limit on Instagram and Facebook, creating good content can be quite difficult.

Such materials are used for publication in the stories of user accounts, companies, brands. The main task is to draw attention to a product, service or attract subscribers to the page.

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From the side of marketing strategies, the presence of video materials increases recognition, brand loyalty, and creates a positive reputation. Usually users shoot videos for such social networks:
  • Facebook.
  • Instagram.
  • Twitter.
  • YouTube.
  • LinkedIn.
  • Pinterest.
Please note: specification requirements are constantly changing. Up-to-date information does not always have time to be updated even in social networking help centres.
animated social media video
  • The first 10 seconds are decisive.
At this time, a person decides whether it is worth spending his precious time on you. Conclusion: the first frames should “hook”, make it clear why the viewer needs to watch this video.
  • Natural.
The more natural the video sequence is the more confidence the video will cause.
  • The video should make you want to share.
There is nothing worse than an indifferent reaction. 
  • The main thing is not views, but contact with the target audience.
Yes, a million views looks impressive… But if there are few reposts, a little number of comments and applications, it’s worth considering: what is the goal of your video, and has it been fulfilled?
  • “No” to venality, “Yes” to interesting content.
“Buy, order, sign up”… Yes, marketing advice includes a call to action to push the buyer. But if you listen to even a very favourite melody too often, it becomes boring.
  • Tell interesting stories, solve problems for the audience, raise issues that are important to them.
It is very popular for many brands to shoot videos that do not directly call to purchase their product / service. What is only a Japanese advertisement for Pepsi, which is a mini-series based on the tale of Momotaro. The brand itself is mentioned at the very end, briefly, while the advertisement looks like a feature film.
  • Humor and originality.
Joking is dangerous and scary – suddenly customers  will not understand. But it is humor that kindles interest best of all, brings a spark of joy into monotonous everyday life and allows you to relax after work. Where one is cautious, the other will hit the jackpot – sometimes funny videos shoot so effectively.
  • Brevity.
In the same way that long texts scare the lazy reader, hours-long (even minute-long) videos scare away the busy viewer. Information should be concentrated and extremely clear. Every social network has its own ideal timing, but the shorter the video is, the more likely it will be watched to the end. It’s better to divide a long video into mini-series if you feel that you have exceeded the patience of the audience. Also you can use the explainer video.

Key benefits of Social Media Video Production

video production for social media marketing

The statistics also show that video content is becoming an increasingly important part of the in-app experience on Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, LinkedIn and even Pinterest.

Why? Because video content is usually more engaging than a still image and is bound to convert more potential customers. If you include video in your marketing strategy, you will get higher audience engagement.

Depending on the social media channels you use, the more a viewer engages with content, the more likely the algorithm will promote it to a larger audience.

In this way, you can increase the count of your subscribers and boost your sales at the same time.

If you want to see big organic growth for your Instagram account, use reliable growth services to help you with this.

It’s also worth knowing that social media video content gets more engagement on Instagram than any other type of content, and video tweets get 10 times more engagement on Twitter.

Why partner with Astra Motion

animation social media video

Creating videos for social networks has a positive effect on the promotion of the account and directly affects the future profit from advertising content. The site automatically raises posts containing videos in the feed, and a quality product keeps the user’s attention. For those who order video editing in Astra Motion studio, we guarantee:

  • Beautiful video sequence that evokes emotions.
  • Roller production speed.
  • Experienced, creative and professional performers.
  • Increasing the level of brand-, company-, account awareness.
  • Viral advertising for your business or blog.

Do not neglect marketing novelties because social platforms and networks are the most effective place for promoting your own business today. Order video editing and make your account attractive and famous! We cooperate with different countries, especially with the USA.

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