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#1 video type when it comes to introducing the product or company, simplify customer journey, increase conversion, and brand awareness.

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Do you want to sell something? First, you should show what you have. A high-quality video presenting product/team/values is a very necessary thing for a startup. A short video will advertise your product or service in just a short time on any platform. We will tell you how a young company can solve promotional tasks with the help of the video.

Why your startup needs an explainer video

Why do you need an explanatory video? You can solve the following tasks:
  • Tell about the business idea.
It is better to see once than to read a hundred times (although who will write about a startup a hundred times?). But a short video is the best business card. Users and potential customers can learn about the value of a business idea, a product and its main features. In addition, creating one high-quality video saves the startup team from having to make numerous presentations for conferences, investors, potential clients and the media. It is best to put such a video at the entrance of the site or in the social network account.
video production for startups
  • Introduce the team.
  • The team is the main value of a startup. Human stories always induce a positive response from users and easily create an engagement effect, increasing the level of trust in a startup. “Behind-the-scenes” videos, small interviews with the founders and participants of the startup, video tours of production will work well for promotion.
    • Support clients and build a community.

    Packing the FAQ into small videos is convenient because customers can quickly figure out how to use the product. A visual demonstration helps to improve the customer experience, especially when it comes to a complex IT product or gadget. Such videos may be of interest not only to those who are already a client of the company, but for new users. Educational videos are a type of such video content.  For example, startup Skyeng sends free short English video tutorials to everyone who subscribes.

    • Emotional influence.

    Video is the first viral marketing tool. Users are very willing to share touching and funny videos. Marketers expect to affect a person’s emotional memory, which influences a person’s buying behaviour more than other factors. The wow effect is transferred from the advertising message to the company’s brand and products. This is the format where a startup can compete on equal terms with well-known market players. The main weapon is not money, but creativity.

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    How does a startup video persuade decision makers?

    animated video production for startups

    The main goal of video marketing is to engage the audience, attract its attention. And, of course, the sale of goods and services.

    Do you know that:

    1. Half of the consumers who watch product videos online make more confident buying decisions.
    2. Research shows that 74% of users, who watched a product instructional video, subsequently bought it.
    3. People, who watch videos, stay on the site an average of two minutes longer and make a purchase.
    4. Video is 50 times more likely to appear on the first page of Google than traditional web pages.
    5. Company profile videos, product reviews and how-to videos are a proven way to improve your search engine rankings and increase the effectiveness of your business promotion campaigns.

    Video is a great way to engage your audience and encourage them to buy.

    How should a startup use an explainer video

    An explainer video “explains” everything you do quickly and efficiently.

    If you teach something to the audience, you show your expertise in this way. People are naturally curious, so they like to get new knowledge. You don’t sell your product or service directly, which means you don’t annoy viewers with intrusive ads.

    What to shoot? For educational portals with paid courses, you can make simple lessons without going deep into the topic, for textile production – a short course in cutting and sewing, for a photo and video equipment store – life hacks on composition and post-processing. Universities, language centers, and EdTech companies create videos for distance learning.

    How much does it cost to create an animated startup video?

    Prices for videos are very different – from $ 2000 and above. Where does such a range of prices comes from and how to understand what budget will be optimal for you? It’s simple – you get what you spent exactly. If you want a video that will attract attention and people will like it, you need to spend money.

    Astra Motion studio develops only unique and original content, so the project price is always discussed individually. We calculate the total cost of the project based on the terms of reference.

    pricing for startup video production

    Why work with us?

    Startup Video Production

    Astra Motion is a Ukrainian video production and animation studio. We are a small team of passionate people who do what they love and love what they do. Moreover, each member of our video agency is special and is an integral part of our “family”.

    We help businesses tell complex things in a simple way through our work. Mostly, we specialize in animation and explainer videos. Other than that, we create illustrations, video and mobile app presentations, UI/UX design, etc.

    Our team lives and works in Kyiv, Ukraine, but we successfully cooperate with many companies from all over the world, especially in the USA. If you need a creative agency video presentation, get in touch and let’s create something unique today!

    The main services of Astra Motion Price of Animation Videos of Agency Astra Motion
    ✨ Explainer Video
    Price from $2,900
    ✨ Product Video
    Price from $2,900
    ✨ Video Editing
    Price from $1,500
    ✨ Video For Fintech
    Price from $2,900
    ✨ Animated Video for Landing Pages
    Price from $1,800
    ✨ Startup Video Production
    Price from $2,900
    ✨ 90 Seconds Video
    Price from $3,900
    ✨ 60 Second Video
    Price from $2,900

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