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Training Video Production

#1 video type when it comes to introducing the product or company, simplify customer journey, increase conversion, and brand awareness.

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Videos and animations are one of the most effective formats for attracting attention of a big audience. Visual information is easier to digest than text, and the level of viewer engagement is noticeably higher. In addition, videos give brands access to platforms like YouTube and Vimeo, which are visited by millions of users every day.

Astra Motion produces animations and educational videos, as well as other content. You can learn more about uson website.

Create training videos for business

A training video is a visual aid for applying certain skills or knowledge, demonstrating a process.

Today video is used not only to teach the audience but also in marketing, management, creativity (hand-made lessons). Information presented in video format is absorbed better and faster because the visual component is intertwined with the sound one.

Have a project
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To achieve goals, different formats of training videos are intended. For example, to demonstrate the operation of the software, it is necessary to create screencasts – the frame will contain an image of the screen of the device on which the process is taking place.

The demo video will tell you how to use the product or service in detail. Role-playing videos are suitable if you need to inform the audience about the actions in a particular situation that they may encounter. The use of animation can positively affect memorability due to unique characters, and a video with a presenter will allow you to create a video lesson from any lecture.

Training video production company

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The shooting of a training video is a job for professionals only. Our company is engaged in the production of training videos in various formats. We can make a training video for any company or organization. We have everything you need: knowledge, skills, technical and technological equipment for the best work. Solid practical experience, high professionalism help us in our work and allow any customer to make video instructions of the best quality. We also do video editing

Training videos make learning easy

Company profile videos, product reviews, and how-to videos are a proven way to improve your search engine rankings and increase the effectiveness of your business promotion campaigns. Our clients position themselves as experts in the market and are interested that not only employees but also consumers learn to fully use their product. That is why they order the creation of video instructions and interactive video courses. Such content is subsequently used by our clients to develop their channels on video hosting and corporate pages on social networks.
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There are four reasons to start making instructional videos:
  • attracting an audience (by optimizing titles, descriptions and meta tags for information key queries, videos will be visible in Google and YouTube searches);
  • brand recognition (branded splash screen and background, corporate badge and branded clothes of presenters – all this increases the number of contacts of the audience with the brand and fixes its image in memory);
  • trust in the brand (when viewers solve problems with the help of your videos, they form a positive attitude towards the brand; in the face of the audience, you become not just another seller, but an expert who is well versed in the topic and helps with real advice);
  • loyal subscribers (subscribed users are waiting for the release of new videos, and a close connection is established with them; they do not just watch videos, but are ready to share them on social networks, put likes and recommend the brand to others).
All this indirectly affects the growth of sales and the strengthening of the brand’s position in the market.

Make training videos that work

When creating educational videos, put yourself in the place of the audience and think about how you would like to see them, what questions you would like to receive answers and in what form. Remember that instructional videos have no place for direct sales and advertising – they are needed to attract an audience and strengthen their connection with it. The impact of such video content on sales is indirect.

For a video to work, you need to make it interesting and of high quality. Therefore, delegate this work to professionals.

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How much does it cost to create a training video?

The final cost of training videos in Astra Motion will depend on a combination of factors:

  1. Duration of the video – timing of educational films influences not only on the duration of the camera work, but also on the amount of necessary processing.
  2. The method of presenting information – video lessons can be presented using computer graphics, 2D or 3D animation filmed using actors, organizing the appropriate atmosphere and location.
  3. The presence of interspersed graphics, special effects – the creation of two- or three-dimensional animation, infographics, sound and visual effects.
  4. Deadlines – the sooner we need to get the final material, the higher the cost of the video will be.

Our professional staff will complete the tasks clearly, on time and at a pleasant price, so that you enjoy the result.

Why work with us?

To create high-quality training videos in our studio, high-tech advanced equipment is used and qualified specialists are involved. You will get a good video that can involve the target audience, talk about a product or service in an interesting and accessible format. We are working in different counties, also in the USA.


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