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Video for financial services companies

#1 video type when it comes to introducing the product or company, simplify customer journey, increase conversion, and brand awareness.

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World banking institutions are always looking for novel methods to boost client loyalty. An animated video is a perfect way to market your business, clarify complicated financial procedures, instruct consumers on how different financial operations are run, and keep them informed of new promotions.

Astra Motion, a professional video production agency, is ready to create high-quality explainer videos for any business in the financial industry.

About video marketing for the financial sector

An animated explainer video about finances can last up to two minutes while explaining complicated matters in a simple and creative way. This can be beneficial for different financial institutions that need to find a way to communicate efficiently with their clients and deliver important information.

There are numerous ways in which different companies in the financial sector can use explainer videos.

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Update on the legislation of financial institutions


Finance organizations frequently alter their rules and laws to keep up with innovations since the financial industry and its trends are changing so quickly. An animated video might be an excellent way to inform viewers about the most recent updates because of its straightforward and lighthearted style.

Describe the terminology used in banking

An explainer video can be used by finance businesses to teach customers and staff about a certain financial or banking term. Due to the fact that it increases learning effectiveness and entertainment value at the same time, the animation is a great resource for customer training and onboarding.

Explain different financial situations

This kind of video is optimum for conveying information since it enables the breakdown of complex concepts into simple pieces. There is no exception in the financial industry. Animation can be used by an institution to explain certain procedures and instruct customers on the algorithm of financial operations.

Introduce new services

Many financial institutions use explainer videos to offer their digital goods and services to an intended audience. An explanation video for financial technology can improve your digital marketing plan and aid in attracting new clients.

Working on the video

Here at Astra Motion, we always keep our clients updated on the progress of their video production. Let’s see how it works with us from the start to presenting the final results.
  1. Consultation. This stage can be done through any video conference app or messenger you find convenient. During our meeting, we will learn more about your business, its values and objectives, and all the while you will learn everything you want to know about the production process. Also, we will discuss the main objectives of the video and your views on it.
  2. Pre-production. Pre-production involves storyboarding ‒ a process where our screenwriter writes down the main narrative points and then creates a detailed script for the video. In parallel to this, an illustrator prepares graphics and characters that are going to appear in the video.
Video for financial services companies
  1. Production. Our motion designer will put everything into motion according to the script when everything is ready. We will also pick a voice actor if needed (approved by you) and do a voice-over for the video. Finally, the video editor will create logical and comprehensive footage that is ready to be presented to you.

After the work is finished, we will present a video to you.

Benefits of using video content for finance

As you can see, an animated video can be helpful for your financial business in any format you choose. Moreover, it also can:

  1. Increase brand awareness and create strong positive associations with your brand. Videos are great for creating visual impact ‒ this way, the more people see your video, the more they associate your product or service with you.
  2. Improve client turnover. When people see that you care about their experience, they will definitely come back the next time they need your solutions.
  3. Make your business stand out among competitors. Not every business has accessible videos that help their clients and improve their customer journey ‒ this is a great opportunity for you.

So, are you ready to order a powerful animated video for your business in finance?

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Astra Motion is a video production agency that creates powerful digital marketing tools. And the most powerful tool, in this case, is, of course, video content.

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