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Video For Fintech

#1 video type when it comes to introducing the product or company, simplify customer journey, increase conversion, and brand awareness.

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Over the past ten years, finance and technology as industries have become more integrated. The rapid advancement of technology has fostered a trend wherein hardware and software are created swiftly for commercial objectives.

People may be unable to comprehend the significance of your digital financial solutions due to somewhat of a knowledge gap. You need a solution that simplifies complex topics into digestible information in order to expose your innovations to a customer base that is not technology savvy. An animated explainer video can assist in educating your audience in this situation.

About video marketing for fintech

A brief animation-based video could be used to promote a fintech business, advertise its goods and services, and educate clients on complex financial advances and technology. Animated videos are frequently used by fintech businesses to explain how their products operate and instruct consumers on how to utilize them more efficiently.

A financial animation explainer video can help companies enhance user engagement, foster brand loyalty, and expand their user base. It is a potent marketing tool regardless of the video format you choose.

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Product and explainer videos for fintech can be used on multiple platforms:

  • YouTube;
  • social media;
  • company website;
  • targeted advertisements.

With an eye-catching video, you can promote your fintech product much easier and acquire a loyal customer base.

Working on the video for fintech

animated Video for financial services companies
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Our online appointment is where it all begins. We conduct it over Skype, Zoom or another video conference or chat app of your choosing. This is where we better understand your entire marketing strategy and vision for the video throughout the conversation. Additionally, we learn more about your project by exploring your company’s core principles, the advantages of the solutions you provide, and your target market.

You will actively participate in each stage of creating your explainer video; if you like, you can look inside the action and ask any questions. We’d love to learn more about your vision so we can improve the workflow and produce the perfect video.

Pre-production is the following stage. Pre-production tasks include writing an extensive script, sketching out key visuals, and acquiring technical equipment to ensure that everything is prepared for the next stage.

The most crucial events take place throughout the production phase. Motion designers begin animating the images our artists created according to the narrative our scriptwriter wrote in order to put everything together for a seamless and comprehensive video. This could take around two weeks, based on the length, structure, and complexity of the work required.

Video editing services are part of the post-production phase when we ensure that the video has a logical structure and is visually appealing. This is where we also add the appropriate visual and audio effects ‒ including voice-over.

Benefits of using video content for fintech

Once again, let’s review what using video content for your digital marketing strategy has in store.

Market breach optimization

For businesses in the fintech sector wanting to break into the market with their newest tech implementation, an explainer video could be a powerful asset. Explainer videos are especially useful for businesses that approach marketing on a few different digital platforms since they can be utilized to enter almost any market at once.

Create a perspective and educated user base

People are progressively using technology-based solutions to manage their finances. Everything is being replaced by technology, even finances, while “analogue” documents and payments are being put away. By utilizing explainer videos to promote your financial solutions using digital marketing channels, you can demonstrate that your business is an innovator.

animated video for fintech

Describe an authentic use of your financial technology

To explain what their products perform, thousands of financial firms rely on the content on the homepage of their websites. Make a difference by showing the public what your solutions can achieve rather than telling them with long text articles.  Through animation, make it easier for them to understand how your solution helps consumers manage their finances and organize their bills. We build each of our explainer videos from the ground up to perfectly match your brand’s message.

Increase the company's visibility

The digital age makes it easier for us to get more information, but because of the Internet’s growing and overwhelming mass of data, it could be challenging to stand out. Make your budgeting and accounting tools stand out from the competition.

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Animated Video Production For Fintech

Astra Motion experts create the effective and appealing video content your marketing plan needs.

Our crew is equipped with all the necessary expertise to produce an effective video for your company.

We use modern hardware and software and work with experienced artists, sound engineers, designers, and video editors. We also have a passion for producing original and successful videos that aid in our customers’ company expansion.

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The main services of Astra Motion Price of Animation Videos of Agency Astra Motion
✨ Explainer Video
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✨ Video For Fintech
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✨ Animated Video for Landing Pages
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