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Whiteboard Animation

#1 video type when it comes to introducing the product or company, simplify customer journey, increase conversion, and brand awareness.

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A whiteboard animation video actually attracts site traffic, did you know that? It can also increase conversions significantly in the most cost-effective way possible — whiteboard animation is very reasonably priced, providing  a fantastic return on investment as a digital marketing tool.

Astra Motion is an animation video agency with experience in creating original whiteboard animations for businesses in different industries.

What is a whiteboard animation video?

Whiteboard animation is a type of video created to appear as though the information is being hand-drawn on a whiteboard at school or another blank surface. The straightforward images are particularly well-liked since they make it simple to absorb complicated information in fun and comprehensible schemes and graphs.

These kinds of videos are made up of straightforward but eye-catching illustrations and characters. And all of this often takes place against a background of pure white that resembles a whiteboard.

Sometimes whiteboard animation comes in a variety of styles, including stitchboard and notepad. But for now, let’s continue with the traditional, straightforward 2D sketching method, as it is the most well-liked and successful type of whiteboard animation.

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Key features of a whiteboard video include:

  • they’re memorable, striking, and not expensive;
  • they contain 3rd person narration;
  • they also can feature both time-lapse and stop-motion;
  • you will always see a drawing hand, a simulation of the whiteboard, and a sharpie quickly drawing an explanation.

These attributes result in straightforward, understandable, and interesting video marketing. Whiteboard animation has a clarity that makes it possible to explain complicated ideas simply.

Working on the whiteboard animation project


Whiteboard animation videos usually contain voice-overs to comment on things that are happening on the screen. We let you choose the voice artist from our voice library to create a high-quality voice-over. Then, when the audio is recorded, our sound engineer will place it over the video track according to the narration in the script.

The first thing we need to do in order to create a complete image of your brand is to meet you in a digital format. Zoom, Skype, or any messenger you find convenient works for us ‒ the main goal is to learn more about your business, its values and goals, and your vision of what the video content should contain.


Two things happen at this stage: first, a screenwriter creates a storyboard that will later be turned into a comprehensive script. This storyboard also includes the main points of narration. All the while, our illustrators will prepare the objects that are going to appear on the whiteboard.


The process of creating the animations for the video is the toughest and most continuous component of the entire process. This is where our motion designer will animate graphic elements according to the script and make sure the movements look logical and comprehensive, drawing understandable graphs and scenes.

Benefits of using whiteboard animation format

The ideal way for your business to begin incorporating video into the digital marketing plan is with whiteboard animation. It can be created fast and affordably, and it is memorable and stunning. Whiteboard videos are an excellent enhancement for any business’ website, social media pages, or digital newsletters. The options for marketing are essentially unlimited because of digital flexibility.

We are ready to implement any of your ideas. If you don’t have a screenplay, our skilled and experienced scriptwriters can capture your vision and provide a compelling message that explains to your audience how your business fits into their lives. Whiteboard videos are more affordable to make than any other kind of video, and they also have an effective and clear call to action.

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Additionally, whiteboard animation can be customized so that you may control every little aspect of the finished project. As a result, you can receive a video that fully inherits your brand book’s color palette. This is crucial to ensuring that your message and color scheme are consistent with your brand.

After all, no one has conscious intentions of making a literal copy of the video produced by competitors.  This not only makes consumers confused, but it also means you’re missing an opportunity to strengthen your brand. What makes whiteboard videos so helpful, then? In addition to the color scheme for your brand, the characters can also be changed. This essentially implies that you can accurately reflect your intended audience and make them relate more.

Whiteboard animation is the perfect tool for explaining hard topics if you’re utilizing animated video for B2B or B2C marketing or sharing a new procedure with your team in case the solution you offer is very technical.

A website’s appearance can also be improved with video content. A landing page with too many components may have a high rate of abandonment and less traffic. And unlike words, a whiteboard movie is excellent shareable material. Posting on various social media platforms is a simple and handy solution for both you and the users.

A video can make your website more mobile-friendly thanks to the SEO and UX perks, and more visitors can result in more conversions.

Like the majority of video formats, there are several variables that can affect how much whiteboard animation costs. The overall cost of your video will depend on the length of the animation, the type of characters, and the pace of your plan. Just get in touch with us right away to request a pricing estimate so that we can help you make the best possible use of your marketing budget.

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