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Youtube Video Production

#1 video type when it comes to introducing the product or company, simplify customer journey, increase conversion, and brand awareness.

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Everyone is aware that YouTube is the most popular platform for sharing videos and the second-largest search engine in the world. Given that the site now receives thousands of hours of information every minute, it is also a vital tool for companies. Because of this, YouTube video production is a top priority for businesses trying to connect with their target audience via social media.

YouTube links you directly to a customer that could be looking for details about your company or the products you offer, giving you rapid access to thousands of potential customers.

Astra Motion is a video production company that works with a team where everyone has vast expertise in the creative arts, video editing, and production to create powerful, expert company videos for marketing and training needs. We know what drives a YouTube video’s popularity and have every skill mastered to represent your brand via video and attract your audience. We take immense enjoyment in creating lasting connections with our clients in order to enhance their online presence further.

What do we call a video production for YouTube

Beginning with a meeting to hear your ideas and learn more about your business, we provide a complete video production service. The production itself then starts by transforming those concepts into high-quality videos that bring in new clients, increase brand awareness, and attract more visitors to your online assets. All forms of video content aren’t just simply a tool for marketing. They also express your company’s image, core principles, and daily operations.

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Why you might need commercial video production for YouTube

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Because more and more businesses realize that their potential clients prefer to watch a brief, captivating online videos than read numerous pages of text on websites, video production becomes increasingly popular.

We produce YouTube videos with a level of expertise that ensures your content and products will be noticed by potential clients, giving you a considerable edge when competing with other marketing strategies.

From pre-production to post-production, commercial videos are created to draw in internet searchers and bring in new consumers while informing and educating current clients who visit your page.

Not just YouTube but a variety of additional video hostings are available to serve your marketing objectives. We are aware of the main distinctions and can assist you in selecting the best platform to publish your video.

How is it done?

We aim to make the production process as comfortable and comprehensive for you as possible.

First, a consultation has to be held. This is where we learn more about your business and products, get a better insight into what is your vision for video content, and what values you want to deliver through the video. We gather as much information as possible to ensure we deliver an on-point message that perfectly incorporates your business image.

The next stage is pre-production. This is where we prepare everything necessary to start working on the project. As our main professional focus is 2D animation and animated videos, this stage for us includes writing a script, mapping out concepts and illustrations, gathering data and planning our next moves. Don’t worry ‒ you will be well aware of what’s happening as you’re allowed to take a peek into the pre-production process.

The pre-production phase usually lasts around a week. 

As you can guess, the next stage is production. This is where the magic begins! Astra Motion professionals deliver synchronized work on the project regardless of the style you choose for your YouTube video. 

The production stage involves our animators, video editors, and sound engineers. To make sure you get a high-quality video product, we animated graphic elements created by our illustrator, added effects and audio track. We will do a professional voiceover if your video requires it (which is very common for YouTube videos).

Since the pre-production stage is all about preparing everything on time, your video will be ready by the deadline. 

Also, production includes an important part of video editing, where all the animated footage is pooled together according to the script.

Altogether, production takes around two weeks depending on the difficulty and length of the final video.

You might ask, how much does this service cost?

Every video is unique, and every project is unique, too ‒ and so are the prices. We calculate ours depending on the time it will take for our experts to work on the project, the number of experts that will work on it, and the type of video and technologies it incorporates. Don’t worry ‒ our prices won’t drain your marketing budget as they are really competitive.

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Benefits of video production for YouTube

Using professionally crafted YouTube videos for your marketing strategy will ensure you have access to the most benefits of using engaging video content for promotion.

  1. Let’s start with raising brand awareness. With eye-catching and comprehensive videos, you will not bore your audience, instead creating strong associations with the product or services you offer. As a result, the more people see your videos, the more people think of your company when they look for the product you offer.
  2. Also, you get more people interested in buying your products. Here’s how it works: posting engaging videos brings your brand closer to its target audience, adding more value to your product for them. 
  3. Video content can also educate your existing audience, maintain the business-and-client relationship, and make people return to your website for more purchases.
  4. Videos are an essential tool to attract traffic to your website. YouTube has perfect integrated business tools that allow you to easily refer people to your website. Along with that, many analytics tools are available for you to track the activity from each video.

Basically, the opportunities are endless ‒ there are countless ways to make video content you post profit you.

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Youtube Video Production

Astra Motion is a highly-skilled team that has delivered outstanding video editing, motion design, and other video content-related services for many years.

We don’t just create videos ‒ we implement the best ideas and bring your business closer to reaching its marketing objectives.

Astra Motion is ready for any challenge. Your ideas, our implementation ‒ be sure you’ll get to see the best illustration of your corporate values and product benefits in the videos we produce.

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